cgproxy [\,OPTION\/]...


cgproxy is the D-Bus proxy for cgmanager. Since a process in a non-initial process-id or user namespace will refer to tasks, user-ids or group-ids which are wrong in the initial namespace, the proxy will send these as SCM credentials to the cgmanager, relying on the kernel to translate the identifiers. In this way, programs and users in a container can make cgroup administration requests using the same simply D-Bus calls over a proxy as they would on the base host to the cgmanager directly.

Control group proxy



Detach and run in the background


Raise SIGSTOP when ready


Check whether cgmanager is running

-q, --quiet

reduce output to errors only

-v, --verbose

increase output to include informational messages


display this help and exit


output version information and exit

The cgroup manager proxy


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