coraid-update {update file} {AoE device}


The coraid-update script performs a few sanity checks before copying the local update file to the remote update AoE target on the CORAID appliance.

Two arguments are provided: 1) the name of the update file to be uploaded, and 2) the special block device file corresponding to the update target, e.g., /dev/etherd/e100.40.

It generates no output and exits with a zero status when the update file has been successfully uploaded to the update target on the appliance. Otherwise, an error message is printed to standard error and coraid-update exits with a non-zero status.

RELATED TO coraid-update…

aoe-discover(8), aoe-interfaces(8), aoe-stat(8), aoetools(8), udev(7).


Ed L. Cashin ([email protected])