diodls [OPTIONS] [-s NAME] [-a aname] [file [file...]]


diodls connects to a diod server, attaches to the mount point aname, and lists the specified files or directories.


-a, --aname NAME

The file system name on the server (default ctl). Note that the "ctl" synthetic file system must be explicitly exported.

-s, --server NAME

The server in IP[:PORT], HOST[:PORT], or /path/to/socket form (default localhost:564).

-m, --msize SIZE

The maximum request size including 9P headers (default 65536).

-u, --uid UID

Try to attach to the server as the specified user (default your effective uid).

-t, --timeout SECS

Force timeout after specified number of seconds (default no timeout).

-l, --long

List stat information in addition to file names.

-p, --privport

Connect from a socket bound to a port in the range of 512-1023, available to root only. This can be used in conjunction with the privport export option.

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