This plugin allows the utilities in cifs-utils to work in conjuction with the winbind facility of Samba suite. It handles several functions including mapping \s-1UID\s0 and \s-1GID\s0 to SIDs and vice versa.

Utilities are usually configured to use the correct plugin by creating a symlink at @[email protected] that points to the correct plugin that you wish to use.

This plugin requires that winbindd\|(8) be properly configured and running.

SEE ALSO \fIgetcifsacl\fP\|(1), \fIsetcifsacl\fP\|(1), \fIcifs.idmap\fP\|(8), \fIsamba\fP\|(7), \fIsmb.conf\fP\|(5), \fIwinbindd\fP\|(8)

AUTHOR was written by Jeff Layton <[email protected]>