ietd [\|-c configfile\|] [\|-d debuglevel\|] [\|-f\|] [\|-g GID\|] [\|-h\|] [\|-a address\|] [\|-p port\|] [\|-u UID\|]


The ietd program implements the user level part of iSCSI Enterprise Target software for building an iSCSI storage system on Linux.



Specify configuration file, default is /etc/ietd.conf


Turns on debugging. Logging goes to /var/log/syslog via syslog(1).


Act as a normal application which uses a console.


Specify running group id, default is current gid.


Specify on which local address the server should listen, default is any.


Specify on which port the server should listen, default is 3260.


Display help message on command line options.


Specify running user id, default is current uid.



The system wide configuration file. See ietd.conf(5) for further details.


This may be logged to stderr:


"Dropping key (%s=%s)"

Value(s): key, value

"unable to set fd flags (%s)!"

Value(s): strerror(errno)

"unable to get fd flags (%s)!"

Value(s): strerror(errno)

"unable to set SO_REUSEADDR on server socket (%s)!"

Value(s): strerror(errno)

"iscsi_ctrl: failed to scan '%s'"

Value(s): p

"target %u not found?"

Value(s): target_id

"session %#Lx not found?"

Value(s): session_id

"session_remove: session %#Lx not found?"

Value(s): session->sid.id64

"need to shutdown target %s"

Value(s): target->name


"unable to create server socket (%s)!"

Value(s): strerror(errno)

"unable to bind server socket (%s)!"

Value(s): strerror(errno)

"unable to listen to server socket (%s)!"

Value(s): strerror(errno)

"error reading /proc/iscsi/iscsi (%d)"

Value(s): errno

"unable to create pid file"

"starting daemon failed"

"unable to lock pid file"

"unable to open %s! (%s)"

Value(s): PROC_DEVICEDIR, strerror(errno)

"unable to open %s! (%s)"

Value(s): PROC_TARGETDIR, strerror(errno)

Debug Messages Level 0

"unknown user %s"

Value(s): value

"login by %s failed"

Value(s): user->name

"succesfull login by %s"

Value(s): user->name

"connection request from %s"

Value(s): inet_ntoa(name.sin_addr)

"connection closed"

"lun %u:%u already configured"

Value(s): target->id, tlun->lun

Debug Messages Level 1

"conn_take_fd: %u %u %u %Lx %d"

Value(s): conn->cid, conn->stat_sn, conn->exp_stat_sn, conn->sid.id64, fd

"exp_cmd_sn: %d,%d"

Value(s): conn->exp_cmd_sn, req->cmd_sn

"Login request (security negotiation): %d"

Value(s): conn->state

"Login request (operational negotiation): %d"

Value(s): conn->state

"Text request: %d"

Value(s): conn->state

"close conn %u session %Lx target %u"

Value(s): conn_id, session_id, target_id

"session_find_name: %s,%#Lx"

Value(s): iname, sid.id64

"session_find_id: %#Lx"

Value(s): sid

"session_create: %#Lx"

Value(s): session->sid.id64

"session_close: %#Lx"

Value(s): session->sid.id64

"session_remove: %#Lx"

Value(s): session->sid.id64

"active target %d: %s"

Value(s): id, name

"removing target %d"

Value(s): id

"creaing target %u: %s"

Value(s): target_next_id, p

"attaching %u to %u:%u"

Value(s): tlun->device->id, target->id, tlun->lun

"target_find_name: %s"

Value(s): name

"target_find_id: %u"

Value(s): id

"target_remove: %u,%s"

Value(s): target->id, target->name

Debug Messages Level 2

"%s %.16s"

Value(s): line, buf

"BHS: (%p)"

Value(s): buf

"AHS: (%p)"

Value(s): buf

"Data: (%p)"

Value(s): buf


Task attributes is incomplete (all tasks are treated as if they have the SIMPLE attribute.)

SCSI task management is incomplete.

NOP-In is incomplete.

The target never sends a NOP-In of its own accord.

Header and Data Digest in a discovery session are not implemented.

Out-of-memory situation leads to the system crash (There are still some out-of-memory bugs.)