inetd2rlinetd [--force-overwrite] [--print-file-names] [--add-from-comment] [-f file] [-l entry] [directory]


inetd2rlinetd is a script to convert typical inetd.conf(5) style configuration files to rlinetd.conf(5) style configuration files.


-f file

File in inetd.conf(5) format which will be converted. Default in stdin.

-l entry

A line in inetd.conf(5) format. Only that line will be converted. On Debian systems, this option is used internally by the update-inetd(8) command.


Output files directory. Default is /etc/rlinetd.d.


Forces overwriting existing files with new version.


Prints to standard output list of generated files.


Puts special comment with original inetd.conf(5) line in front of each converted service.


Options -f and -l cannot be used together.

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rlinetd.conf(5), inetd.conf(5), inetd(8), rlinetd(8)


This manual page was written by Mikolaj J. Habryn <[email protected]>. Modified by Robert Luberda <[email protected]>.