lcmaps_dummy_good.mod [{--dummy-uid uid|.B--dummy-username user}] [--dummy-gid gid] [--dummy-sec-gid gid]


LCMAPS plug-in that always returns successfully, optionally with a user and group mapping.


This plugin is configured in the lcmaps.db(5) file, following the specific syntax as described in the documentation.

--dummy-uid uid --dummy-username user --dummy-gid gid --dummy-sec-gid gid

The user id, user name, group id, secondary group id and to return in a successful mapping. The given user and group(s) must exist in the system. The default is to return no user or group information.


This plugin always returns LCMAPS_MOD_SUCCESS, but if the given user or group was not found on the system, the plugin returns LCMAPS_MOD_FAIL.


Please report any errors to the Nikhef Grid Middleware Security Team <[email protected]>.

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lcmaps(3), lcmaps.db(5).

More information can be found on-line at

the Nikhef Wiki on Site Access Control


LCMAPS and the LCMAPS plug-ins were written by the Grid Middleware Security Team <[email protected]>.