LogFS is a scalable flash filesystem. It is aimed to replace JFFS2 for most uses, but focuses more on large devices. JFFS2 works well enough on small devices, it just gets slow and uses up too much memory on larger ones.


-c, --compress

turn compression on.

-h, --help

display help.

-s, --segshift

segment shift in bits.

-w, --writeshift

write shift in bits.


skip bad block scan; don't erase device.


turn off safety question before writing.

Segment size and write size are powers of two. To specify them, the appropriate power is specified with the "-s" or "-w" options, instead of the actual size. E.g. "mklogfs -w8" will set a writesize of 256 Bytes (2^8).


mklogfs was written by Joern Engel <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Daniel Baumann <[email protected]>.