mounted.ocfs2 [-d] [-f] [device]


mounted.ocfs2 is used to detect OCFS2 volume(s) on a system. This tool assumes that the nodes detected on the system are part of the same cluster as the one specified in /etc/ocfs2/cluster.conf.



Lists the OCFS2 volumes along with their labels and uuids. If a device is not specified, it scans all the devices in /proc/partitions.


Lists the OCFS2 volumes along with the list of nodes that have mounted the volume. The node names are listed if the O2CB cluster is online. Note: As this information is gathered using dirty-read, the information may be stale.


[[email protected] ~]# mounted.ocfs2 -d

Device FS Stack UUID Label

/dev/sdb1 ocfs2 local 2D1C9636FE38462DB43A75D1DA592207 vmvol

/dev/sdj1 ocfs2 o2cb FF2E239B02D941FEAF25BDAE8DD553B9 dbstore

[[email protected] ~]# mounted.ocfs2 -f

Device FS Nodes

/dev/sdb1 ocfs2 node15, node1

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