nield [-vh46inarft] [-p lock_file] [-s buffer_size] [-l log_file] [-L syslog_facility] [-d debug_file]


nield (Network Interface Events Logging Daemon) is a tool to receive notifications from kernel through netlink socket, and generate logs related to interfaces, neighbor cache (ARP,NDP), IP address (IPv4,IPv6), routing, FIB rules, traffic control. It can be configured using command-line options.


The following options are supported.

Standard options:


Displays the version and exit.


Displays the usage and exit.

-p lock_file

Specifies the lock file to use. Default is "/var/run/", if not specified.

-s buffer_size

Specifies the maximum socket receive buffer in bytes.

Logging options:

It uses the log file "/var/log/nield.log", if neither "-l" nor "-L" specified.

-l log_file

Specifies the log file to use.

-L syslog_facility

Specifies the facility to use logging events via syslog.

The standard syslog facilities are as follows:

    auth, authpriv, cron, daemon, ftp, kern, lpr, mail, mark, news, security, syslog,
    user, uucp, local0, local1, local2, local3, local4, local5, local6, local7

-d debug_file

Specifies the debug file to use.

Event options:

All events are received, if any event option not specified.


Logging events related to IPv4.


Logging events related to IPv6.


Logging events related to interfaces.


Logging events related to neigbour cache(ARP, NDP).


Logging events related to IP address.


Logging events related to routing.


Logging events related to fib rules.


Logging events related to traffic control.




If you find bugs or have other suggestions, please contact Tetsumune KISO <[email protected]>



Tetsumune KISO <[email protected]>